Final Project - Gold Fish Race Track (ie. Fluid Flume)

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on December 12, 2017

My final project will be a fluid flume.

A fluid flume is a human made channel with the intent of transferring water. They generally move water from point A to point B. They can be made from metal, wood, or stone.

My fluid flume is meant to be used in an experimental lab setting. It will cycle water by means of a pump. It will need to be optically clear, mechanically strong, and water tight. My top material candiates are arcryllic, glass, and polycarbonate.

Previous Build of my own Design: Problem - Curvature induces turbulance.

Race track

#Concept: Week 0 Fluid Flume Rendering

Drafted in Solidworks and AutoDesk Fushion 360.

Unique Component List

  1. Walls

    • Acryllic

    • Glass

    • Polycarbonate

  2. Pump (purchase part)

    • Specifications: In line, 350 GPM
  3. Piping (purchase)

    • Inlet Pipe (3/4” diameter)

    • Outlet Pipe (3/4” diamter)

  4. Inlet Valve (Custom Design)

    • 3D print
  5. Outlet Valve (Custom Design)

    • 3D print
  6. Pipe Clamps
  7. Lifted Base

    • Wood
  8. Flow Meter Sensor
  9. Voltage Control
  10. Messing over outlet

##Project Management Plan

Confirm flume design and order materials and components. New Design

Side View

Ordered parts

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet, 48” x 96” x 1/4” ($251.43) (2X)

Straws ($5.26) (2X)

Chalk Gun ($14.82) (1X)

Silicone Sealant ($16.35) (3X)

Variable- Voltage Transformer ($396.80) (1X)

Lumber ($3.19) (2X)

Pump ($147.84) (1X)

Mop ($14.10) (1X)

Parts Arrived

Zune Cut


Building Inner Containment

*Week 9

Inlet Valve: I have been practicing different inlet values for my final project. Following is my most current design.


*Week 10

*Week 14