Week 1 - Parametric Pegasus Wall Mounted Shelving Unit

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on September 15, 2017


** Build Website ** Building a website is a rather intimidating process. Far more so than using lasers to cut. This process seems rather opaque to me. Even on a good day. Frankly, figuring out how to make my own website took me much longer than designing, drafting, and making my cardboard Pegasus wallmount.

Big thank you to my fellow classmate Julia Ebert for walking me through how to use Ubuntu on Windows so that I am able to use GitHub. Also, Google.

  1. Download Jekyll Static Website Builder.

  2. Choose a [theme] (https://swcool.github.io/landing-page-theme).

I moved the configuration files into a new folder my own personal desktop. Then I deleted all the template data and added my own pages.

Design and Laser Cut a Parametric Assembly

Drafting is my zen.

Building is my reality check. Just because it can be drafted doesn’t mean you can build it.

My favourite drafting software is Creo Parametric followed closely by Solidworks.

I decided, given that it is free for students (and I’m a poor graduate student), that I would take my first stab at using AutoDesk Fushion 360. Fushion 360 is quirky. For instance, when a drawing is dimensioned, it doesn’t automatically rescale to the screen. Editing extrusions isn’t so straight forward. This software seems best used with a parametric design in mind given how difficult it seems to go back and edit features within the parts. The learning curve was steeper than I anticipated but overall quite intuitive to use as it is very similiar to Solidworks.

A great feature of Fushion, that I’ve really grown to like, is that all of your work is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer with internet access.

As of late I have been very inspired by the commonplace object reimagined as something ridiculous.

This week I chose to make a shelving unit in the shape of the great Pegasus.

Parametric Assembly

My hand is quite unsteady. So to draw the outline of pegasus’s head, I googled an STL image file of a horse’s head. Fushion 360 automatically traces the horse’s head for you.


Pegasus Head

Pegasus Shelf

Vinyl Cutter

Keeping with the theme of flying animals I decided to make a flying pig. Nothing fancy but something I can relate to on a spiritual level. Again, I was able to find a black and white siloquett of a flying pig from a casual google search of ‘flying pig’. I downloaded this image and myself a decal for my laptop.

Flying Pig

Personal Course Website