Week 2 - Electronics - Making a Programmer

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on September 26, 2017


  1. Make a Circuit

This week focused both on cutting a board and soldering the parts to it.

Attempt 1

My first attempt to cut resulted in ruined copper. I didn’t zero the machine in the center. See image below.

Ruined Copper

My second attempt also resulted in ruined copper for the same reason as above. Only I didn’t realize why. So instead of trying again, it took me 3 cuts (a total of 9 passes) to cut my copper adequately.

Bare Bones

Next came soldering. This was embrassingly slow going and tedious due to, at first a too light hand and then a too heavy hand.

I learned all kinds of tricks. With the right lighting, I can make my disaster still look pretty darn good. Bare Bones

Attempt 2

I had revisit making this programmer.

The need to redo was a result of poor soldering technique and having no idea how to use a Linux machine. With Rob Hart’s help, and a more practiced soldering technique, I was able to revisit this week’s assignment.

Shown below is my newly made programmer connected to a USB port.


Finally! the computer sees my programmer.