Week 4 - Circuit Design

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on October 10, 2017

Failed Attempts

I attempted 5 boards.

I milled two boards.

-Attempt 1:

After placing the Tiny44 upside down, I tried to move it and ended up tearing up the leads.


Very Frustrating…


-Attempt 2:

Not wanting to wait in line to mill my board, I thought I’d be clever and use the vinal cutter.

And…. that didn’t work.


So I went back to the mill to cut my board. This was successful in that I soldered all my parts to the board. However, when attempting to program it, it failed. A closer look revealed a lead that was too narrow.



I then learned the trick to successfully cutting copper on the vinyl cutter.

It is necessary to secure the copper to a more rigid vinyl piece.


Attached Copper to Vinyl piece.


This was far more successful.


However, my leads were still far too small. If I use the vinyl cutter again I need more spacing.


Successful Attempt (But Modified)

My final project called for a capacitive depth sensor. To do this required to me to modify the Hello World board.


More details on this board can be found on Input Week.