Week 5 - Something Big (And something old with something new and even blue)

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on October 17, 2017

This week’s Something Big and Something New was a bit of a failure, so let’s start with something old and blue that I would call a reasonable success.


A previous iteration of my fluid flume (ie. gold fish race tank) was in the shape of a traditional race track.



Doesn’t look like much but does need to be water tight. This is not trivial.

I accomplished this using the CNC and etching 1/8” a track into 1/4” acrylic sheet.

The etch design looked a lot like this.


FYI - Acrylic is a foolish thing to try and machine but I got really lucky it and didn’t fast fracture on me.

I was then able to cut the walls of my tank (also acrylic, still foolish material to use) and bend them with liberal amounts of heat over a long and slow bending process.

Bending looked like this.


After I bend my walls, I was able to fit them into their track. I then sealed on both sides of the wall with silicone.

The final project looked like this and works very well.



My vision for this week was to extend my counter surface. Like many, I live in Somerville. The housing is old, wierd, impractical, and I don’t have counter space. This is a problem because my husband cooks a lot. I don’t cook. I would be happy with cereal and wine but I digress. However, this our space. This is all of our usable counter space.


I want to extend the counter space into something like this which I quickly drafted in Fushion 360.


I did my initial cuts with plywood. It’s too big so I’m going to recut smaller. Also, once my husband comes back from New York, we are going to buy proper wood for our counter space and recut.



My husband is very excited about this extension. So instead of letting this remain a failure, for the sake of my marriage I need to go back to the drawing board to make this work.