Week 8 - Output Devices

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on November 7, 2017

The task for this week was to create an output device. I chose to program a motor. This is to compliment my final project.

Shown below is my generated toolpath for the milling of my PCB.

This was a fairly straightforward process building upon our previous weeks of creating circuits.


My board was slightly bigger than my previous cuts. I had to put a much larger board on.


Shown here is my final board with all the required components soldered on.


When I plugged in a battery for the first time, I plugged it in backward and shorted my H-bridge. This took me quite a while to figure out. I ended having to replace the H-bridge.


Here is my plugged in board with battery and motor.

Plugged In

Here is my motor spinning. It occurs to me as I look at this that it looks like I am cheating here.

This is bad filming.

This project was a ridiculous amount of trouble shooting for something quite trivial.

Plugged In