Week 9 - Build a Machine as a Team

Posted by Jordan Kennedy on November 14, 2017

This week we had to build a machine as a team.

I helped build the frame for our CNC with Jessica. I took the photos. She is in every picture.

Our machine is designed to be iteractive art. Therefore, it needs to be mounted vertically so that an observer walking by a wall, for example, could watch the art dynamically change.

We needed to mount our canvas verrically.

Jessica and I build the frame in the wood shop in the basement of Harvard University’s Science Center.

We cut 2x4s on a miter saw.

First we had to measure out the wood to match the dimensions of the machined tracks.


We then layed the frameout before we became to nail it in.


Turns out framing is more involved that I originally anticipated.

Here Jessica is nailing in the frame. We took turns at this.


Jessica is now holding the tracks against our frame to ensure that we cut the pieces to the correct length for our final machine.

hold up