1] Consider biological cells which are able to copy their genome using appropriate pieces of molecular machinery (e.g. polymerase). Assume that the total probability of correctly copying each nucleotide is p=.999 per nucleotide. Calculate the Total Fabrication Complexity accessible to this system assuming that there are 4 types of nucleotides (i.e. A,G,C,T). Now assume that we have created a new type of cell which has a genome possessing six different types of nucleotides (i.e. A,G,C,T,X,Y). If we assume that we wish to keep the total Fabricational Complexity the same what must the probability per nucleotide addition, p, now be?

2] Consider now the fabricational complexity per unit cost f. Calculate the threshold probability p for which it is advantageous to use a redundant error correction scheme (such as trible redundancy) and majority voting than no error correction. Into which regime does biology fall?