Analysis and Comparison of 2 types of "Homebrew" antennas

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Analyzing Low-cost Homebrew Antennae Design

Analyzing Low-cost Homebrew antennas (with focus on one particular model)


This project is about looking at the design and fabrication of low-cost homebrew antennas. These antennas can be used for many applications, but a particularly interesting application is the use of these types of antennas in mesh networks. Because of their low cost and relatively easy fabrication, they are a very enticing option for community wireless projects.


In moving forward with this project, the following steps are planned, and should indicate success if completed. Note: if time permits, explore possibilities of attaching radio/(Actual send/receive mechanism) directly onto antenna via usb, instead of costly cable connectors.


network utility diagnostics with and without antenna (using stock card and using antenna plugged in).