Voice production models

Modèle symétrique des cordes vocales: sensibilité acoustique aux variations des paramètres de contrôle
Source-Tract Acoustic Interaction and Voice Quality
Nathalie HENRICH - CNRS - Homepage: Production et perception de la voix
Estimation du signal glottique basée sur un modèle ARX
L'appareil Phonatoire Humain
The Physics of Vocal Production

Separation of the vocie signal into air flow / glottal source / vocal tract

Glottal source and vocal-tract separation Estimation of glottal parameters, voice transformation and synthesis using a glottal model Gilles Degottex
The Voice Source in Speech Production: Data, Analysis and Models
Speech Compression using the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Combinations of source and filter properties (UCL Speech, Hearing and Phonetic sciences program)
Formant Synthesis

Techniques and Filtering: Kalman, HMM, SVD

Adaptive Kalman Filtering and Smoothing for Tracking Vocal Tract Resonances
Formant pattern recognition in Matlab
Adaptative Kalman Filtering of speech signal
Iterative and Sequential Kalman Filter-Based Speech Enhancement Algorithms
Implementation d'un codeur LPC10 complet sous Matlab
An Introductory Course on Speech Processing
A Gentle Tutorial of the EM Algorithm and its Application to Parameter Estimation for Gaussian Mixture and Hidden Markov Models
Effect of Singular Value Decomposition Based Processing on Speech Perception


Spectral Tilt Used for Automatic Detection of Prominence: A Comparison Between Electroglottography and Audio