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11.2*) The expected occupancy is given as a function of the gap energy \(E_g\) as the following: $$ \frac{1}{1+e^{E_g/2kT}} $$ Plugging in values of 8.62 e-5 eV/K for k, and 300 K for T, we can set the expression equal to: $$ \frac{1}{1+e^{E_g/.052eV}} $$ Since the \(E_g\)'s are given in the chapter as 0.67 eV, 1.11 eV, and 5 eV, we find that the expected occupancies are:

2.53e-6 (Ge)
5.36e-10 (Si)
1.74e-24 (Diamond)

11.4*) Shown below, there is an additional pair of CMOS inverters in the middle. If the control signal is high, then the pmos and nmos in the middle are open, and the inverter acts normally. If the control signal is low, then both act as closed switches, and thus it is at a high impedance state.

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