Website HOWTO

Contacting the Class

For sending important email to the class, use the mail alias For less urgent correspondance, either email me and ask me to post it as an Important Announcement on the front page of the website, or just post it to the bulitin board.

Changing your CVS/ftp/ssh password

Use the change password form, or if you don't remember your password and need it reset, email Ben.

Uploading Files to Your Personal Space

Use any FTP program to upload files. Make sure you enter the following information:
Port: 863
Username: Your fabsite username
Password: The one you set via the webpage
Your website is in the directory /home/<username>/www where <username> is your fabsite login. Most FTP program will start you out in the /home/<username> directory so you will need to go into the www directory.

You can also use Samba (Windows sharing) to mount your personal space. Connect to \\\<username>

If you need more help with making webpages, using FTP, or other problems, email me.

Uploading Guru Webpages for the Main Site

Log into FTP the same as above. The directory for the main site is /home/www/html. The topic specific pages belong in /home/www/html/topics. The organization in here is a bit confusing. I recommend that you go to the schedule page and see which directory your topic links to.

You can also use Samba (Windows sharing) to mount the main web space. Connect to \\\www

Since part of the goal is to create a consistant, well-organized website for people interested in these topics, I may find it neccessary to rearrange or rename these categories as I feel appropriate during the semester. Sorry for the inconvenience. At some point I will also want to modify your pages to fit within the overall look and feel of this website. I will try to wait for your files to finalize before doing this. I'll let you know before I do, and if there are things you want to change on the page after that point and don't feel comfortable editing the modified pages, I can help.