han hoang - assignment_2

han hoang

assignment 2 [2] - make something with the laser and waterjet cutter : for this assignment we were asked to make something using the laser cutter and the waterjet machine : in addition - we were NOT allow to use any type of adhesive or nuts or bolts to keep the object together, but rather we were only allow to use friction waterjet cutting machine
:: Rhino model :: using Rhino - i designed my spice rack in 3D then laying all the faces flat to cut
:: laser cutter :: : laser cutter cutsheet : this is what i used to cut the acrylic out of : for the laser - in order for it to fit tightly in friction - i used the tolerance of +.005"
:: waterjet cutter :: waterjet cutsheet : this is what i used to cut the aluminum out of : since it was easier to manipulate the tolerances in the laser cutter - i decided to leave the cutsheet for the waterjet as is
:: final product :: final output : after assembly - here we have a spice rack that pivots with spice bottles