han hoang - assignment_3

han hoang

assignment 3 [3] :: make a micro-controller with the modela :: - this assignment, we were asked to make a Atmel ATTiny15L micro-controller using the modela desktop milling machine - - all the files needed for programming are here [neil's hello site]. - goal - to make it say "hola buenos noches"
:: using eagle :: first, using eagle layout propram, we were asked to review the schematic layout that Neil has done, then generate a board layout using the same configuration. as for my board, i wanted to instead of having it say "hello", to have it say "hola".
:: using the modela :: since i've used the modela to mill other stuff before, this to me was a fairly simple process. the only thing that i had problems with was dealing with the communication side with Linux and the machine. here's the code to send to the port. - to determine the x,y offset (if the machine is not set) 1. run [stty 9600 raw -echo crtscts > /dev/ttyS0] to send output to modela 2. move x_pos y_pos [move 1 1] to set the x/y position of the mill. "move 1 1" is 2 squares up and 2 over on the grid. This sets the x/y origin of your board. 3. then finally cat hola.rml > /dev/ttyS0 [where "hola.rml" is the file name.
:: programming :: the programming methods were a little tricky. largely due to the issues of installing avra and running the parallel port programming software uisp
:: results :: but in the end, i got it to work. in order for me to run it on windows - i had to do the following procedures: open cygwin cd /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/hoang/My Documents/hello/hello_downloads/uisp-20040311 for uisp: uisp -dlpt=0x03BC -dprog=dapa -dvoltage=5 -dt_sck=50 --erase --upload if=../hello.hex for avra: cd /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/hoang/My Documents/hello/hello_downloads/ ./avra hello.asm for python: cd /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/hoang/My Documents/hello/hello_downloads/ /cygdrive/c/Python23/python.exe rx.py