han hoang - assignment_4

han hoang

assignment 4 [4] :: 3D scanning and 3D printing :: :: 3D scanning :: - this is what i 3D scan. it's a 3-dimensional object comprise of intersecting boxes made from the CAMM vinyl cutter [this was done by Victoria Lee durring the summer of 2004 for the Digital Design Fabrication Group with Larry Sass] - Minolta 3D laser scanner and the GeoMagic Studio software layout - this is what it looked like immediately after the scan - after several iterations of matching the nodes of the scan - this is the end result
:: 3D printing :: - ZCorp color 3D printer - for this printing job, i wanted to print out a model of my PhoneBall but when i tried to export the maps as a VRML file from 3D StudioMax - which is the rendering program that i used instead of blender, the ZPrint [printer's program to run the machine] would not import in the maps. therefore, i decided to print the phone using solid colors instead. - i designed the phone in Rhino, then import it as a 3DS file into 3D Studio, then added the maps to phone, then exporting it as an VRML file - after the printing, the model is cured by waxing it in the wax machine - and this is the final printout [it actually didn't look this bad when I first removed it, it just happened that i left it in the oven without realizing it was in there for 2 weeks. oops]