MAS 863 - How to Make Almost Anything Fall 2004

Amon Millner

millner [at] E15-020F, 20 Ames st, Cambridge, MA 02142
Weekly Assignments
The Claytroller

One-size-fits-all doesn't apply to game controllers...

(photo acquired from:

Project files claytroller animation (large download ~30MB)

- this is the slow motion version

Movie text view 1 - "My hands aren't like everyone else's - why should I use controllers for the masses like this one?"

view 2 - "I can make all the typical components of controllers as their own mini-modules - directional pads - push buttons - vibration motors and additional buttons"

view 3 - "How will I hold the components together? With clay, I can change my controller set up anytime I want to!"

view 4 - "When the clay is molded into a shape, its resistance can tell the controller who is using it. Users can program the screen to greet them when they grab the 'claytroller'"

Screen shots
Process notes / tips Is it difficult to model lumpy clay in Blender?

- Indeed it is. I chose to use the "noise" function to give the controller case from the uppermost screenshot the clay-like look shown in the lowest screenshot.