MAS 863 - How to Make Almost Anything Fall 2004

Amon Millner

millner [at] E15-020F, 20 Ames st, Cambridge, MA 02142
Weekly Assignments
Basic Electronics (microcontrollers)
Inspiration Why pay someone else to make your circuit boards?
Project files the hello board file dump

- hello.asm, schematics

Here's what this board outputs to PC screens (exciting isn't it?)
Process notes/tips -If the serial cable is not constructed soundly, you may receive an error when trying to program the chip. Try pressing the cable into the socket firmly and try programming the chip again

[there error reads: Atmel AVR ATtiny15 is found. Erasing device ... Reinitializing device Atmel AVR ATtiny15 is found. Uploading: flash Error: Data polling readback status: write=0x95 read=0xff If device was erased disable polling with the -dno-poll option]

-If you have an uneven PCB that cuts away too deep or two shallow - simply start over with a new  PCB

-changing the "b" value is something that most people do in order to synchronize communication between their computers and their hello boards. A b value of 26 was the magic number to make the screen shot of streaming text above

-I used the open source AVR programming tools on a PC with Knoppix installed on the hard drive

Things to think about soldering only gets better with practice