The Media Lab building usually locks at 6PM on weekdays on remains locked throughout the weekend. Doors are unlocked M-F at 8AM.
Students in the class from other departments will need to work on projects using the tools in this building. When this is the case, students should try to anticipate times when they will be asking for access so that their classmates can let them know if they will be working in the lab at that time. The phone numbers listed below may connect you with students in the class or other Media Lab students who may be kind enough to let you in (and possibly grant you access to the shops if they have access and you tell them that you were trained as a part of this year's How to Make Almost Anything class).

The Electronics Lab next to the Cube space (has 1 MAS863 workbench):
E15-016 - 617-253-7975
The Lab for PHM students:
E15-023: 617-253-2383
The office where PHM students "study":
E15-4th floor PHM office: 617-253-0620

class email aliases:
mas863 AT