Stacy DeRuiter's test of acrylic glue (high viscosity)
I found some acrylic scraps in the trash (thanks, Kenny) and glued them... into a little statue. After 24h, this is as much as I could break (by hand)

My rating of this material: It's OK if you must glue acrylic for some reason. It smells pretty toxic (use the hood, really...), and it glued itself shut after about 10 minutes (it was not too tough to re-open, though). It is more like Elmer's Glue than super glue in the time it takes for a glued joint to set -- you have to hold or clamp the joint in place for a few minutes to get a good solid joint. If you use only a tiny amount of glue (so that none of it leaks out the sides of the joint when you press the pieces together), you don't get a very strong hold. I was able to break joints that were glued with only a tiny dot of glue by hand after the glue was cured. The joints with more glue were pretty indesctructable, though. You might be able to get away with relatively less glue when gluing together larger objects (my acrylic pieces were only a few cm big).
--Stacy DeRuiter, Dec. 11, 2005