How to Make (Almost) Anything Fall 2005

Contact numbers and building access
Shop cams
Fabrication Lab
Tools and Processes
Reference and How-to Books
Fab Notes
Pictures of the final 4 days

9/19 no class: student holiday

9/12 CAD, CAM, modeling
  see for a list of the software tools covered in class
  assignment (due in class 9/26): render/animate a final project
  see a note about the site tool to get started on your assignment

9/26 laser, vinyl cutters

10/3 waterjet, plasma, router, excimer machining

10/10 no class: Columbus Day holiday

10/17 PCB fab, board stuffing

10/24 microcontroller programming

10/31 sensors, instrumentation
  HTMAA Project Page

11/7 3D scanning and printing

11/14 output devices

11/21 molding and forming

11/28 communications and networking

12/5 materials and joining

12/12 project prep

12/19 projects


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