Hi everyone, welcome to the class.

This week's assignment (due 9/26) should be presented off of the class website at http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.05/ You should each create a folder under http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.05/people/ and place your entries there. Neil wants to see in-work, blog-like pages that document your projects including the setup, learning, and any dead ends involved. Take a look at previous years' websites to get an idea.

As Neil mentioned, we've implemented a "pseudo-shell" interface to the website. To log in to the site, go to "http://fab.cba.mit.edu/site/", the password was sent to you via email (if you don't remember, ask one of your classmates. Hitting Enter or entering "help" at any time will give you a complete list of commands implemented. To add a directory for yourself, (let one of the TA's know if you don't understand what's going on here and we'll give you a mini-unix tutorial)

cd classes/863.05/people
mkdir mydirectoryname

You can opt to edit html files by hand using the "edit" command, or use a local html editor/generator of your choice then upload the results to the server using the "get" or "wget" commands. "wget" is particularly useful because you only need to wget the top level file and it will autoget all references. You'll need to "get" your renderings/animations to upload them to the server.

Please create a directory for yourself and get at least as far as having an introduction of who you are and what you do / want to do on the site before the section. We'll announce times for the section as soon as the TAs settle on one.