assignment: To develop a 3D animation of our final project using
     any available 3D modeling/animation program, preferably blender.

     details: My idea is to build simple, remotely controllable creatures.
     Ideally, they will be controllable from a laptop computer and will
     be able to convey static or moving images, as well as sounds to
     and from the controlling laptop. Based upon Neil's comments in
     class, it seems at least feasible to control them using a laptop
     and perhaps transmit sound information to and from the RCPPs 
     (Remote Controlled Pretty Ponys). Video and/or static images may
     prove to be beyond the scope of the project. Reproduced below is
     a still from the animation developed for the first project, the 
     entirety of which is viewable at the link below.


     -> .avi file of project rendered in Blender