assignment: Make something with materials distributed in class.

     details: I received plastic casting compound and a metal casting compound.
     Given the shortness of time I opted to buy some ice cube trays and baking
     tins from thrift store and cast directly into those.

     First I stired the plastic casting compound, separately at first and 
     then after mixing the two. The material was quite inhomogeneous to begin
     with and took a lot of energy to homogenize. See images below.



     The metal casting compound prep was roughly identical with the sole difference
     being the ratio of the two compounds (1:1 in the plastic case, 10:1  with
     the metal. Once the materials were mixed they were poured into the molds. 
     I got a plastic mold and a metal one for the purpose of comparison. 
     Also, I eyeballed all the ratios so they may have been off some.


     The plastic set within say and hour and was fairly easy to extract 
     from either mold without the use of a release agent. The resulting
     shapes are shown below.



     The metal still, after 24 hours, has not set. I'll update this page
     once it has fully hardened.