assignment: To fabricate a simple circuit board using the modela, stuff 
     the board and demonstrate functionality using a simple python script.

     details: For this assignment we were given .sch, .brd, .cmp and .py files
     from which we could build a functioning micro-controller. As such
     implementation of the project was comparitively straightforward.

     Following the protocol described by Seth use of the modela was quite 
     simple and my board came out fine on the first iteration. Stuffing
     the board, likewise, was fairly strightforward. The completed board
     is shown below.


     Demonstrating functionality on the other hand was decidely more difficult
     in large part due to the difficulty I had building the serial and  parallel
     port cables. In building the serial cable I struggled getting the molex
     connectors oriented correctly and as a result I had difficulty maintaining
     continuity in the circuit. Once I had finally assembled the circuit-side
     connection correctly, I wrapped the ribbon cable in shrink wrap to provide
     mechanical support to the connector. The cable has functioned flawlessly 


     Here is a screen capture of the python output. The output was slightly
     modified using Atmel's AVR studio 4 software to send a hello message
     to my girlfriend.