assignment: To make a game.

     details: As I had only just finished  building the continuity circuit
     that I was supposed to have completed two weeks prior I opted to begin
     work on my final project. I know that I'll need to pass information
     between chips and control light and and sound output so I opted to 
     build a circuit that combined all these features. As it is the circuit
     consists of two capacitive switches, one of which turns a speaker on 
     and off and the other of which modulates the speakers tone, provided 
     that the speaker is turned on. When a speaker is on, an LED is illuminated.
     The quality of the sound output is admitedly quite crude but it 
     serves to demonstrate basic functionality.


     -> .cmp of new circuit

     -> .brd of new circuit

     -> .sch of new circuit

     -> .asm of master

     -> .asm of slave

     In addition I modified the TV output from a hello message to
     alternating black and white lines which switch position after a
     fixed interval. Although i didn't have time I intended to drive this
     output using the same circuit that drove the speaker above.



     -> .asm of tv output