Printing in 3D

There are two machines available in our fablab for 3D printing. The StrataSys is available for colorless but more robust objects. The ZCore is available for objects that have textures. However, the objects from the ZCore seem to be slightly crumbly and require a proper finish if the objects are to be maintained. In my example, a wax coating was used to finish off the object. Ideally, one would use something like a superglue coating. Unfortunately, as one might imagine, that would get to be pretty expensive. Hence, the results for this hello world project are quite delicate on the whole.

The Final Scanned Object:

The Original Object right next to the Final Scanned Object:

For the most part, the ZCore printer is pretty clean and easy to use. Simply follow the onscreen directions when you are ready to print. Just make sure to be careful when you are excavating the final product. Also, since printing takes such a long time, it is very useful to try and do multiple printing jobs at once. Besides, its much more fun that way anyway!

A Family of Cute Scary Things: