In this part of the class, I was introduced to Urethanes which in my case came ina form of putty that could cure into a rubbery substance. Apparently, there are many different types of urethanes some of which can easily be cured into something really hard.

Urethane putty:

I actually wasn't exactly sure what to do with the urethane since as far as I knew, I would not need it for my final project. Hence, I just decided to explore some of the properties by putting it into some cookie cutter acrylic molds.


From up close, its actually really interesting to see that it sort of bubbles and oozes. After it is cured, it looks the same but feels really rubbery to the touch.

Up close and personal with urethane:

I think that when the time comes, there could be several awesome uses of this material although it is a little hard to work with. Kenny had the right idea in looking into making membranes etc. This stuff could also be really useful for making rubber molds that require some elasticity etc.

Up close and personal with urethane:

I tried to use the remaining putty to look at a shape of my hand but as you can see, its not what its made for exactly ...