Lincoln Logs Pressfit

I decided to make a cardboard press-fit version of the classic lincoln logs toy. Because I wasn't sure of the thickness of the cardboard, I wanted to be able to easily change the slot width for all the parts, so I decided to define them in python. This script has functions that create each of the logs based size and slot width parameters. The pieces I used to make the cabin:

A test piece that varies the slot width to quickly determine the best width

A few standard pieces for long sides, short sides, under windows, and mating unconnected ends

A few unusual pieces necessary for the bottoms of the wals, and the top of the window.

A piece to start the roof from the top of the wall, and one of many of the roof cross pieces that hold standard logs at a slant.

My original rafter design; these parts along with the roof slats make an interlocking trapazoid which could not be assembled, so i switched to the design above.

The assembled cabin