...what's next... high speed video... figuring out what is actually going on

high speed videos!

glass beads... powder... sand... etc......viscoelastic fluid

...what may be possible ...music; visualization of (almost) anything futurama the holophonor

"Holophony is an audio recording technique, designed by Argentine researcher Hugo Zuccarelli, which operates on a similar principle to Holography, except it applies these principles to sound and audio recording. It uses a multiple exposure technique where an original recording is combined with a reference recording, and the resulting interference patterns are recorded. The result has been reported to be realistic and life-like three dimensional sounding audio recordings which have been said to exceed the realism of stereo sound."


to Neil, for conceptual fab of fablabs, and running (+with) them

to Amon, Amy, and Manu, for being excellent TAs

to John and Lass, for (patience, and) keeping the equipment and lab in order

to the rest of the class, and everyone involved, because a bunch of tools are cool, but it is the fab lab society that makes waves... :)