Talk about biting off more than you can chew! I forgot the first basic principle of design for beginners: Keep It Simple. My goal was to design and cut a cardboard, pressfit dollhouse, modular, able to expand by rooms and by stories/levels-- with no more than half a dozen discrete parts. Well... I have a pretty amusing prototype. I wish I had looked up the Pythagorean Theorem...I probably havben't used it since before most of you were born. Anyhow, first design was more puzzle like. Good for press fit, but awful looking, impractical edges. Thus discarded almost immediately.

Next design was with "tab" edges. This worked better, but my press fit needs tightening, my roof needs closing, and I forgot to design the ceiling tile...oops. Well I wouldn't want to live in it, but I think I'll improve it and use it for the SETC fab lab Holiday Fundraising Sale.