Week 6 - How to Measure Almost Anything

This week our assignment was to work together to build a device that could make many types of measurements -- hence HTMAA = How to Measure (Almost) Anything. I worked with Seth to figure out how to create a resistance meter and a capacitance meter. Our first issue was really understanding how capacitive sensing worked. Neil should us a general board and we had to make changes to it to be able to convert measurements from the analog to digital converter to resistance and capcitance.

After receiving a lot of tutoring from Amy, we were finally able to create a resistance meter (see figure 1), but it could only measure successfully in the Megaohm range. We decided that we would have to couple the 10Mohm resistance with a capacitor to be able to receive a better range of measurement. Rather than spending too much time on this we moved to capacitance measurement. Unfortunately we ran out of time on the capacitance measurement and didn't completely get it to work. I will probably be working with capacitance on my final project so I'll learn more soon.