Stacy DeRuiter's How To Make Almost Anything Blog - Week Eleven: Wireless communication

This week's assignemnt was to build two PCBs that could communicate wirelessly with one other (send and receive "clicks" of some sort. I tried to build a system that could sense clicks capacitatively: two boards would each have two metal plates attached, which would be positioned close to one another in pairs. On one board, the 2 plates would be connected to two pins on an attiny13, and the pins could be either grounded or tri-stated; on the other board, capacitance between the plates would be measured (and it would change with the state of the 2 pins on the other board - so a "click" would be sent by changing the state of the 2 pins, then changing it back. The sensing board would use its comparator to sense the change in capacitance (cap. sensing is done in hello3.step fashion). I didn't get beyond the first prototype this week. The boards are wrong (note the powerlines are incorrectly connected) and the code is also wrong (I didn't exactly understand the difference between sending voltage out a pin and tri-stating it when I was writing the code. Nevertheless, here are some pictures and code (that need a lot of debugging):
Assembly code for the click-measuring and click-sending boards

Pictures - Click Measuring:

Pictures - Click Sending: