Stacy DeRuiter's How To Make Almost Anything Blog - Week Nine
Make your own stand-alone electronic game

Monday, November 21

Our assignment was to make a stand-alone, electronic game of some sort this week. My goal was to complete a sort of alternative, equally hard project: make a set of 2 connected chips ("master" processor on one chip and "slave" on the other), on of which digitized input from a small microphone, and the other of which used Neil's PWM-type method to amplify that sound and send it out through a little speaker. I tried to make the chips on the vinyl cutter...well, I did make them on the vinyl cutter, but I didn't make them sturdy enough, so when I stuffed them traces broke and components tipped over and I created a general mess. I am still planning on making version "2.0" of this project, which will, I hope, work much better. I have microcode for each chip that I think will work, but I will probably have to debug that as well once I have funtional chips to test it on. The failed chips:

The circuit board layouts (speaker on top, mic on bottom):

And the code (speaker and microphone chips).