Git repository on fab server

I began by making the Hello3 circuit on the Modela:

Then I stuffed it, a little more carefully:

As you can see, it's slightly larger than the original hello:

I programmed the hello3 successfully and am now working on the asm code for a logic analyzer. The basic idea is for the microcontroller to poll one of its pins in logic-level mode as quickly as possible (in 9.6Mhz mode) and fill up RAM with bits from that pin, and then dump RAM on a 115kbaud serial connection to the computer, then restart. This can then be used as a logic/timing analyzer for other circuits.
As of 10/21, I've gotten as far as having a simple poll/send cycle that, by virtue of its 9.6khz timing, is not too much more useful than an LED. I also did significant work on the voltmeter project and have plans for an ohmeter. I've also come up with a new idea for the logic analyzer: instead of storing the bit value at every clock cycle, use pin change interrupts and store the current timer/counter value on pin changes. On timer overflow store a 0. In this way, the amount of data you can store is tied to how fast the data comes in. Also, with a wire from some I/O pin to the Rx serial line, and a getchar routine, it would be conceivable to set the timer-counter prescaler from the computer, allowing for continuous measurements taking place on the scale of seconds. edit