3D Scanning and 3D Printing on the ZCorp and Strata Machines work

How to use the Minolta 3D scanner with GeoMagic to scan 3D objects and save them into
VRML/STL files. And, how to send these files to the Zcorp or Strata 3D rapid prototyping machines.

For some reason this was a very easy project for me because my acorn scanned well and did and
only had two simple holes. The 2 acorns on the left came out of the Zcorp powder based 3D printer
and the one on the right is the orginial acorn I used (minus the little nubule on top because it broke
off). Note that the printed copies have the play-dough base that I used to stand up the original as part
of the print job(on the bottom).