Alternative Serial Connector (Prototype)

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For me, the hardest part about making the cables was the serial cable's connector to the MOLEX header.

Even after my first version of the cable was done, the connection seems to be relatively fragile. Twice, when I had pulled the connector out of the board, one of the wires broke and I had to re-do the entire connector.

This is a suggestion for an alternative way to make the connector, using stronger pins instead of the thin wires of the cable.


This time we connect the pin to the metal header instead of the wire:

It fits!

All four pins:


Connecting the pins to wires:
(I used the helping hands to separate the pins from one another. It may be easier to first solder each pin to the wire, and only at the end connect them to the plastic header)

I coated the pins with shrink wrap to prevent them from touching each other. I plan to also coat the whole group with a bigger shrink wrap, to keep them tightly together.






Benefits of this connector: