Assignment #1: model/render/animate/... a final project

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Final Project Idea: "Living Color Cubes" (Working title...)

I want to make a set of cubes, that have the ability to change their color and communicate with each other by touch. When 2 of them touch, they will exchange information and at least one will change its color.

To get a feel of the idea, here are 2 short movies, prepared with the Blender tool:

Two cubes

Cube Pyramid

I imagine a huge pile of white bricks. Then someone takes one brick, and touches it to a color in a special color pallet. The brick changes its color. It is then thrown into the big pile, and the bricks it touches change their color too. Then the color change spreads, in a viral manner, from cube to cube until the whole pile is colored.

There are many things that can be done, which I think could look very neat visually:
- Put more than one color at different edges of a big pile, and see how the colors spread and interact
- Have 2 colors that come in touch mix and create the correct mixed color (open questions: will both change color? just one? how to decide?)
- Have the color "skip" generations - meaning if we counted encounters between cubes, do one thing at each even numbered encounter, and something else at odd numbered encounters. This can add more dynamics to the cases when you have several colors that are running around the cube pile, and have demonstrations with constant motion.
- Introduce some features that would modify the the colors either within the cubes or in the information that they forward. For example: have the colors fade with each "hop" they traverse, or accumulate to get a stronger shade. Maybe introduce mutation, where it will change to a different colors by some triggers, and so on.
- Create different layouts of cubes, that would convey different things and cause patterns to emerge etc...

The cubes can be used to demonstrate concepts of genetics, life, societies, propagation of information and ideas, in addition to communications and networking.

They can serve several purposes:

  1. Artistic/Fun - arrange cubes in a certain way to create living installations of moving colors

  2. Educational - I have seen many toys intended to demonstrate Technological concepts, but I have not seen any toy that its main goal is to teach principles of networking and propagation of information

  3. Use for demos at the Viral Communications group - show networking concepts in a tangible way.

Some initial thoughts on the design