Assignment #8: Output Devices

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LCD Screen + RGB LED  (+ Development Board)

Things I learned:


Big Bertha: development board

I wanted to make one board that will enable me to play with different input devices, output devices, and power sources. It should be generic enough to let me test different features for my final project without the need to make a new board. The third goal is to have some redundancy on it, so that if something breaks or mysteriously bursts into flames (hypothetically, of course), the board would still be usable.

The LEDs and LCD  can also be used to display debugging information, so we can do assembly code debugging without a computer connection.

Perhaps this board can also be used for something like the class mult-imeter project.

BigBerthaBoard, BigBerthaSchematic, BigBerthaCMP


So what have we here?

Notes (for next time..):


LCD Screen




Big Bertha Disco-Mania (placing fiber optic cables on top of the LEDs)