Project 2:     make a 3-D object from press-fit parts
For the second project I made a modular platform heel from press-fit parts.
I was inspired by the fact that a heel is worn on the person and is made of a ton of material and yet it allows no creative freedom and is not as flexible and versatile as it could be.


Modular Heel System

"the platform that you form"

I designed the heel in Corel Draw. Shown below is the design.

The three sections snap together, and the rods hold each plane of heel together in the z direction.
The most difficult and time-consuming part of the design was figuring out the dimensions of the press-fit parts, which required a lot of trial and error on the laser cutter. I ended up having to reduce dimensions by about 17 mils to make the parts fit together well.
I laser cut the heel from 1/4" acrylic.
The heel had three main sections, and could be stacked at any height and in any configuration.

This allows the user to adjust the
of their shoe.

and for special occasions like christmas

and july 4th

In addition, I designed a MOHSY piece with a cut-out and a screw which allows the user to attach small objects to personalize the shoe.

These objects are easily interchangeable.