Project 9: Casting/Molding. Mill something out of wax using and the modela, make a mold out of polyurethane, and make a plaster object.

I used Microsoft Paint to make an "F"-shaped shape with the word "art" on it. Below is the file that I used.

I decided to use the 1/64" bit because of the small features of the text. This made it take forEVER to render in and even longer to mill.

For some reason the mill decided to poke a bunch of holes in the wax before I got to it. Who knows what that was from. It was also really difficult to clean out all the shavings.

I was only able to find small amounts of polyurethane, but used them anyway and made my mold. I left it to set for about 16 hours and tried to demold.
so sad, it did not work!! Look at the ugly blob:

I believe this happened for two reasons.
1. I did not use demolder.
2. Regardless of this, the polyurethane is super slimy gross. I tried again and when I remixed the two components I was shocked to realize that part B looked really different than my first attempt (less translucent, different consistency).
I believe this is because it needs to be stirred and since I was using the very bottom, the dregs, the backwash of part B, it didn't quite work to crosslink the polyurethane.