3D scanning/printing:

This week we learned to create 3-D scans and manipulate those scans. I used the Minolta 3D scanner which was highly accurate.

Original object:


To manipulate the object I imported the file into Rhino, cad program directed at rapid prototyping and marine and industrial design. The scanner created a point cloud based on the depth of the object. This point cloud was interpolated by the GeoMagic scanning software into a single surface. However this surface can be manipulated at the level of those individual points (as opposed to manipulating using splines as in nurbs modeling).

Altering Mesh:

Concept: I wanted to be able to reverse engineer this tourist trade object: a wooden camel made in an area of Pakistan where there are no camels and sold in afghanistan for sale to Coalition Forces. To me this absurd and I wanted to create its antithesis. After trying a few varaitions I found the duplicated head to be most appropriate for this goal.

Problems: nothing serious only that scanner gave me 4 different scans positioned in different places instead of compiled. This was becuase I did not use the chart to calibrate the turntable however I think that I might have had some better results becuase I stiched the scanes together seperately and then dealt with filling of holes and naked edges.