11/17: output devices
connect an input device to an output device

This week I connected a temperature sensor to a motor. My first instinct was to make each of the two boards separately (done successfully!) and then put them together. But this was not the correct instinct - I had to design a pcb board and program the microcontrollers so that the temperature sensor directly influenced the motor. The design in based on a tiny44 chip.

This is the pcb board I designed (CAD file):


This circuit is wired correctly, but it is very difficult to debug. Therefore, I decided to redesign the board to include serial communication output. I designed this board in Eagle, and was able to debug it quite easily.

The only problem I ran into was the baud rate... apparently a 115200 baud rate is too high for the serial communication, and I had to use 9600 with the tiny 44.


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