9/15 vinylcutter, lasercutter:
press fit-construction kit

I designed my kit with one major construction piece and three types of linkers. My CorelDRAW file consisted of white press-fit shapes having a black border. I used the Universal Laser Cutter on 1/8" cardboard, with 60 %Power, 15 %Speed, and 250 PPI to cut the shapes from the cardboard. Laser cutting created beautiful pieces (and left a nice cardboard cutout).

* Note that converting from InkScape to CorelDRAW is not easy (not possible?), and if you start with InkScape, you may have to model your project twice.

CorelDRAW Puzzle LaserCardboard_3992_GIMP LaserCardboard_4006_GIMP

After playing with the pieces, I found that they were useful for creating animals.


Dog_4088_GIMP Dog_4088_GIMP Dog_4097_GIMP


Elephant_4069_GIMP Elephant_4074_GIMP Elephant_4070_GIMP