9/22 cad, cam:
model final project

I decomposed my final project into several modules. Since I am unfamiliar with the techniques taught in this course, this is a fairly rough sketch. I plan to work in Solidworks, and am currently working to get up to speed in the software.

For now, I assume that the electrical components will work something like the following: a touch sensor input will be sent to the microcontroller, and the microcontroller will emit a drum sound.


The body of the device will be a soft plastic that drapes over the back of the chair. This piece will contain the sensors and electrical components. A tight lyrca "bag" will secure the device to the chair. Another soft plastic piece containing sensors will be suspended above the chair and will be covered with matching lycra. Two telescoping arms will suspend the second plastic piece above the chair. The plastic pieces will either be connected with wires that run through the telescoping arms or they will communicate wirelessly.