9/29 pcb fabrication, board stuffing:
hello world


My goal for this week was to create a PCB board with additional LEDs. I chose the Hello.Echo.44 board as a starting point. This board takes character inputs from the user, outputs characters to a terminal, and blinks one LED. My plan was to modify this board to include an extra LED.

Since I don't have a background in electronics, I started this assignment with a lot of research. I found a great page for understanding capacitors here.

The following is a fantastic tutorial on Charliplexing (you can also find it here):

- More cool how to projects

This is the LED circuit I am putting on my board:



The workflow for PCB design in Eagle is:

  • import parts into a schematic
  • make any parts that are not in your library
  • connect all the pieces in the schematic
  • turn the schematic into a PCB design

I found excellent "Instructables" on using Eagle.