First Assignment_Laser Cutter

pressfit construction kit

nodes - relations - environments

parts: 4 differentiated parts with different properties

Part 1: hexagonal node. 6 connections. Properties: depending on the application: urban, sociological, economical, etc.
Limits: Infinite Part 2: straight connector with same sides. 2 direct connections, could be plugged directly on a side. Part 3: 90 degrees connector with same sides. Part 4: straight connector in one side, 90 degrees connector in the other. Download the file This kit allows you to create infinite configurations between its
parts. Based on a simple system, the complexity comes from the combination
in between the elements and is not settled from the conception of the design.
Applications are due to the user, depending on the background, I
conceived it as an urbanist fro the physical representation of urban systems.
Cities are mapped according to its networks: public spaces, commercial centers,
main areas, residential,attractors as nodes and transportation systems as relations,
in some other cases social relations and other physical and non-physical parameters.
In this case we can give parametric to each components and represent it in a physical way,
beyond the rendering. Recommendations of use: just play with it