In this exercise I followed two paths and one future plan:

1_ To edit an existing cad file (mold.cad) and create a new piece for
the lego brick. The new piece is the result of an intuitive process 
of finding a smaller part to be part of the system, the result is a 
two joint Lego piece.

2_ To create a mold out of an image. This is the mold of the surface 
of Mars, created out a satellite picture taken from internet, 
converting it into a .png file, inverting it, milling, and making the 
mold with urethane. The result: a niece piece of rubber that could be 
developed into the game of lightning and depth of the mold. 

Future Plan: Make a mold of a skateboard and cast WOOD

The brick partner

Mars territory

SKATEBOARD MOLD Using Rhino cam and the Illustrator files sent by Jason from I created the upper and lower mold of a skateboard to be milled soon. With this kind of mold is possible to cast wood, create customized skateboards, furniture and other type of sculptures using veneer wood or thin plywood.

Please feel free to download the files: Upper mold: HERE Lower mold: HERE