Receiving and transforming data

On the inputs assignment I used arduino to measure the amount of light using basic graphics in processing. 
Then with the protoboard I could get the output of that light into a blinking led. 
Basic arduino > Basic procesing > Basic electronics

The added complication was to play with different kind of graphics. The Hello Collection grows Following on the hello board collection, I made the RGB (didnt finish because the RGB led did not make on time), the array, the LCD, the speaker, and video, stepper and DC will follow them. COMING PROJECT > LED SCREEN I did not have the time to finish this project, but I already have the documentation such the asm file, the schematic and now I have to adapt the design of the board to the components of the lab (the chip is not in the inventory and I have to find the equivalent, the same with the leds and the type of resistors, etc), but here some screen shots of the idea: