1.- The (miami) Sound Machine
programmable 8 step tone sequencer

2.- The Superstructure (press-fit + something big) 
goes to the beach

As final projects I had two goals: one was to create a music device, 
the first Idea was a modular synthesizer, different facts drove me to 
a 8 step sequencer. The second goal was to make a huge structure out 
of the press-fit + something big assignment, we took a lot of pieces 
based on nodes and relations, then go to the beach and have some fun.

Both projects would no be possible without the collaboration of Victor Vina and Daniel Ibanez

1.- The (miami) Sound Machine
programmable 8 step tone sequencer
Programing and electronics tutorials and assistance: Victor Vina 

Based on the Beavis Arduion Punk Console
(, I developed a Fab version of a
electronic music generator. The aim has been to create something that 
makes noise and somehow could be controlled. My first idea was a 
modular synthesizer, that could be the next step to be added to my 
sound machine. 

I started with the arduino version


The machine is based on eight buttons (SPST devices), one start/stop 
button and 4 potentiometers that control frequency, tempo, duration 
and volume. Two additional features are in this machine: one "human 
pad resistor" (step response) that directly controls the music, and a 6 line led display (part of a Victor Vina visualization project).

From the arduino version the schematic was created in eagle

Becoming the Fab Version

I traced the routes in eagle to create the .png file ready for

90 minutes of milling (something to be improved among a lot of things)

After testing every pad of the micro controller (connectivity and 
power) then the first test of sound. 

To program the code I used a previous example given to me by Victor 
Vina in which you can create a C- code out of an arduino code, then 
using the Makefile (I had to change the speed of the clock from 20mhz 
to 2mhz) it would generate the .hex file.


The structure is made of wood and acrylic

- The Superstructure (press-fit + something big) 
goes to the beach

Project developed with Daniel Ibanez

The miniPov (outputs assignment)