Option one: Modular Synthesizer

Music instrument using I zero networks

Based on the framework of Internet Zero, the aim of the project is to 
create a music generator using different inputs and using sound as 
output. Sound, proximity, light, temperature and buttons will be used 
to produce a small modular synthesizer.  

Between digital and analog

The aim of the project is to play with the parameters that could be obtained by the different inputs in the network, then with the range of values create "playable" music and melodies. The synthesizer would produce music with the change and manipulation of the inputs, in this way the control of the interface is subjected to the behavior of the environment and the user actions on it. From analog to digital: The modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate specialized modules connected by wires (patch cords) to create a so-called patch. Every output generates a signal - an electric voltage of variable strength. Combining the signals generated by multiple modules into a common audio output allows a potentially infinite number of configurations, leading to a potentially infinite number of sounds. Wikipedia I want to make each module based on internet zero Materials - MDF, Wood, Stainless Steel - Internet zero nodes (t44 microcontroller) 1 input > receiving data 1 output > generating sound Possibility of adding oscillator and LFO to add variations to the sound Option two: Evolution of responsive environments decentralized intelligence - emergent reality 50 years ago there was no Internet... technology was located in basic aspects of human life like transportation, food and mechanical industry, one way communication (radio, tv, etc). Industrialization created the consumption society that nowadays seems to be exhausted. The human kind has been trying to create an automated world that would satisfy human needs with the less intervention of the man. This inertia seems to be losing its strength, massive production is not satisfying every need of humans (different cultures, realities, etc), actually massive production is creating more problems than solutions. Environmental hazards, economical and social inequality, cultural affections, among others, are the consequences of the last century of creation on man. We have been all participating in the creation of our reality, in a personal, local, regional, global and universal way; we are small neurons or servers of a whole network of energy. Internet appears as a representation of how our non physical world acts (still it is physical, like internet, but they are both perceived as ethereal entities), every human is a node, every though is a package of information, every act sends bytes to our reality. We are part of a network, in conscious and unconscious ways, we create hierarchies and organization, with different goals. INSTALLATION Internet zero network based on sound, light, movement, temperature inputs and outputs that could register through a visualization how a system reacts and is affected by its environment, other systems and itself, mutating and evolving into a new system, then it reveals that reality is never static, every second is changing us, we are not the same anymore. PROCESS Using the structure developed in the press-fit and make something big assignment, the goal is to embed I0 nodes to create an installation as a parasite in some of the spaces of IaaC. Every change of light, temperature, sound and movement in the whole building or created by a person would produce a reaction of the network and affect the visualization produced by registering the data of the network. Then this is revealing how things are constantly evolving.